Inside the Mind Of Your Weird Office Cleaning Client

Inside The Mind Of Your Client

No matter how hard I try, it’s an overwhelming challenge to keep my office, let alone all of my colleague’s desks clean.  I know, I know, we are our own worst enemy, leaving multiple files laying around, using our commercial space as a warehouse, and having ‘stuff’ simply lying around that we can’t even remember why we put it in there.

So I’ve hired and entrusted you with my biggest secrets to see. Here’s to my office cleaner and maintenance staff, but you better not have the nerve to move that single piece of paper.

But I’m going to try and do the right thing by you, my awesome professional cleaner, and help you do your thing. And do it well. I’ve been up late researching tips, tricks and wonderful hacks that just gotta work. Right?

Using Kids Party Supplies To Save On Dishwashing

Nothing gets more gross than having our crockery plates stacking up in the office, stinking up the place because we are too busy to go the sink and do the dishes. I’m going to the local party supply shop and buy up big. These disposable, bin-ready tableware are cheap and come in bulk. Who wouldn’t want to eat off a Pokemon themed plate. You gotta eat it all.

Tell You How To Do Your Job Best

I swear I have seen you only use one bottle of cleaning agent whenever I see you. I need to ask, are you an old-schoolers who just believe that using only one type of product is the answer to everything cleaning? Because it’s not.

I’m asking you to have a chat with our local cleaning supplies store to find out more about what is on offer. What is that Agar product again? it sounds good!

I Need These Things

Yes, I do you really need folders with invoices from 15 years ago. I’m 100% sure that Marshall from accounting will need them next week. It’s a dead cert.

I Will Pack Away Those Electrical And Network Cables

I know, I know. Those swarms of cables laying around near my desk are a trip hazard, and can lead to massive commercial liability and insurance issues. I’ll buy some cable ties from our stationery supplier. But I need to hold onto all of our network cables and store them in our computer room. Just cause. Just cause I can.


Yep, My eyes are lighting up. Those computer accessories are probably best being landfill, but they may be worth something. I’m going to eBay to see what we can get for them!

Let It Go!

I’m going to talk to Nigel in sales. I’m going to give him the harsh feedback. You were great 15 years ago but it’s over now buddy. It’s time to pack away those awards that you won.

We completely agree that it is important to celebrate your successes but there has to be an endpoint where you are not looking at your award anymore.

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