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This Backflip Squeegee is a complete squeegee unit, fitted with washer and adjustable head. ..
Ex Tax: $78.09
This Brass Channel and Rubber is designed for clip-in use with Ettore squeegee heads. It is ..
Ex Tax: $23.00
This Brass Handle features sturdy tempered, solid brass construction, representing the peak ..
Ex Tax: $21.59
  This Durasleeve Cover is a heavy duty washer cover, designed for use with a varie..
Ex Tax: $60.30
Ettore Reach gold extension pole. Lightweight aluminium with two sections. Length given is wi..
Ex Tax: $58.36
  This Golden Glove Cover is designed for use in a wide variety of areas and is sui..
Ex Tax: $30.00
  This Porcupine Cover is capable of providing improved non-scratching performance,..
Ex Tax: $41.80
  This Quick Release Handle has been designed to simplify the cleaning process, all..
Ex Tax: $39.15
  This Squeegee Rubber is a standard rubber, suitable for use in any Ettore channel..
Ex Tax: $5.20
  This Stainless Steel Complete Squeegee is designed to be highly economical and se..
Ex Tax: $39.55
The Ettore Super Belt is a purpose-specific belt, designed to provide ample storage of and&n..
Ex Tax: $143.00
  This Super System Swivel T-Bar delivers an improved cleaning performance through ..
Ex Tax: $38.20