How to Remove a White Heat Stain From Wood Furniture

How To Remove Heat Stains

Not ideal. Someone forgot to put a coaster under their hot cup of coffee and now there is a heat ring or watermark from their spillage and drinks. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing those ugly white heat stain marks that could have been avoided on your wooden table.

Now it’s your turn to try and ‘fix’ the table and bring it back to its former glory. Removing them doesn’t have to cost you money. We’ve come across this simple hack, and put it to the test. It removed the fog marks off the table. Winning! Now, looking at the table, the results are so good that there is no way to see where they were in the first place.

You’ll only need a tea towel and a hot iron! Simply lay your tea towel over the watermarks and run a hot iron (with no steam) over the affected area. You will need to go slow and let the heat build up on your table surface little by little. Do not rush the process!

A word of warning… please be careful! If you overheat the table’s dish it will start to become soft and pick up the texture of the tea towel you are using.  It’s important to keep your iron moving, and stop to assess your progress every few seconds or so!

Need proof to see this hack working? Check out this video!

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