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If you walk into commercial building or household after a comprehensive cleaning session and you’ll find a pristine looking kitchen, bathroom or laundry sink.

But lurking underneath the surface are tons is a build up that nightmares are made of. Lurking down your drain hole is a build-up of soap scum, food scraps, hair and lots of nasties breeding like bacteria.

Hoping that it will go away may bite down the road. You’ll start to notice a horrendous nose-curdling odours, along with the potential for serious blockages that may ultimately require expensive plumbing repair work. You’ll notice potential blockages when water is not flowing through a ‘slow drain’. It’s time to act fast!

It’s time to stop throwing money down the sink (literally!) and get on top of these drains; exactly where families wash their hands (and in business environments germs can spread, impacting attendance and productivity).

Whilst chemicals do a ripper job of unclogging drains, it is a personal choice of many to seek a more natural alternative to the problem.

A Consistent Plan Of Action
Failing to plan is planning to fail! It’s best to ensure that once every month you clean your drains. You’ll thank yourself later; having blockage free, flowing drains and fresh smelling drains,

And this work will be done in only 10 minutes!
Let’s Get Started
It’s highly likely that every cleaner will have these two simple ingredients at their disposal to get the process started.

1. Almost every pantry has bicarbonate soda sitting in it. If not, it’s an easy-to-find item in the baking section of every supermarket. Simply tip a cup of bicarb into the drain, ensuring that you aim to get some on the drain net.
2. Heat a cup of vinegar into your microwave for two minutes. The upside is that the steam from the vinegar will also clean your microwave – simply give it a quick wipe down with a paper towel!
3. Pour the heated vinegar down your drain. You’ll see an immediate reaction with your bicarb soda, with it bubbling away.
4. Let the products do their magic, and come back in 5 minutes.
5. Finish off the job by flushing warm water down your sinks for 30 seconds.

It’s really that easy! Following these 5 simple steps works effectively on steel or ceramic sinks/drains.

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