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Floor mats and matting are often overlooked in workplaces, but they are critical in protecting your staff and visitors, providing an important layer of safety.Commercial rubber floor and industrial safety matting remove many of the safety risks associated with working on rugged industrial work sites. You can rely on our mats for all of your needs.

Mats Improve Workplace Safety And Comfort
Meeting safety, durability and protective requirements is a challenge for any organisation, but Oz Cleaning Supplies has solutions to help with all of your needs.

Entrance Mats
The first line of defence as you walk into a building, door mats are essential in removing moisture, dirt and debris, and protecting your key areas from general wear and tear. Acting as a safety barrier by preventing several safety issues before they happen in the workplace, entrance mats are an excellent purchase for any business.

Anti-Fatigue Mats
Standing for long periods takes a serious toll on the body, creating body stress and fatigue. If you need some serious comfort, then anti-fatigue mats will lead to increases in productivity, happier employees and lower sick leave.